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What is Destination Imagination?

DI is a national K-12 program specializing in STEAM education and creative problem solving.

Kids form their own teams in groups of 2-7 and work independently on creative ideas and trial-and-error solutions to a set of challenges. Teams are not school specific - anyone in Melrose can be on a team!

Teams explore Scientific, Technical, Engineering, Arts, or Community Service concepts in each challenge. Teams then present solutions to their chosen challenge in a collaborative live presentation of their own creation. Teams showcase solutions at regional and state tournaments in March.

The hallmark of DI is NO Interference! Kids work independently on creative ideas. Parents do not assist with costumes, props, scripts or solutions. There's nothing else like Destination Imagination!

Sample Challenges:

Below are some typical characteristics of each challenge. Whichever challenge your team chooses, kids will write and present their own scripts and stories, design props and costumes, and explore creative team collaboration.


The Technical Challenge generally asks the team to build a vehicle or device of some kind.


The Scientific Challenge asks teams to explore concepts in physics, biology, the environment, etc.


In the Engineering Challenge, teams are asked to build a structure that can withstand weight.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Challenge asks teams to explore arts, literature, music, theatre, etc.


Improv teams are given a theme to research and be ready to perform using prompts that showcase what they've learned.

Service Learning

In the Service Challenge, teams take on a community service project of their choice and present their work in a tournament presentation.

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